Migration of 9% CST Upfront Charges into Products and Services Tariff Adjustments

Accra, November 22, 2019 - The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications wishes to notify mobile and fixed subscribers that effective Tuesday 26th November 2019, Telecommunications Operators will cease upfront deductions of the 9% CST charge and apply the tax through a tariff adjustment on their products and services.

Following our agreement with Government to apply the 9% CST as a price increase instead of an upfront deduction on recharge, the reconfiguration of our systems to accommodate the commercial and technical requirements is due to be completed by the 26th of November 2019. This will offer customers a smooth transition and a better experience.

Telecommunication Operators will notify their customers on the completion of the exercise and provide transparency on the adjusted tariffs of their products and services as well as offer information to subscribers post usage of these services.

 The telecommunications industry remains committed to the socio-economic development of Ghana and that continues to be our focus and objective.


Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey
Chief Executive Officer

Note For Editors

The socio-economic importance of the telecoms industry in Ghana is huge with operators investing more than six billion US dollars in Ghana since the mid-90s.  In 2018, telecommunications contribution to GDP growth was 2%.  Nearly 40 per cent of telecom operators’ revenues go to the government in taxes.  A further 40 per cent of revenues are re-invested in Ghana.  Even so, tariffs have dropped consistently unlike any other sector in Ghana, even as the costs of inputs have kept on rising. The telecoms industry alone employs more than 1.5 million Ghanaians directly and indirectly, with many other industries such as banking, trade and commerce, media and advertising being dependent on it for revenues and efficiency.

Not least, telecom operators have carried out some of the most impactful social responsibility projects to the joy and benefit of millions of grateful communities throughout Ghana with projects valued over a ¢100M over the last decade.


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