Vodafone launches 4G+ for improved network connectivity

Vodafone Ghana is excited to announce the launch of a major upgrade to its existing 4G technology, called 4G+. This new upgrade will enable customers to experience an enhanced network speed and facilitate improved services.

Aatif Jamal Qidwai, Technology Director at Vodafone Ghana, explained the implications of this development. “4G+ is not just a technical upgrade; it is about reshaping the online experience for our users. We are setting the stage for a transformative leap in mobile connectivity for Ghanaians, providing them faster download and upload speeds on 4G” he stated.

Aatif explained that 4G+ uses a method called carrier aggregation which allows supported 4G mobile phones to combine multiple 4G frequency bands, effectively increasing the speed at which users can download or stream content. “We are currently rolling out 4G+ on most of our existing sites.”

In real terms, Vodafone’s customers with 4G+-ready devices can expect their internet speeds to increase significantly. This has amazing implications for customer experience: smoother video calls, quicker app downloads, and less buff time for streaming services.

Proving its’ commitment to ensure that as many Ghanaians as possible can tap into this enhanced speed, Vodafone is also rolling out a device financing scheme, where customers can purchase 4G+ capable phones from Vodafone’s retail outlets, paying for them in manageable instalments. Additionally, these phones come bundled with 2.5GB of free data every month for 12 months.

This expansion comes at a time when digital connectivity is becoming ever more vital. Starting with urban centers, where the hunger for high-speed data is most keenly felt, Vodafone intends to roll out this network enhancement nationwide. The initiative aligns with the company’s goal to champion digital inclusivity in Ghana, making the promise of reliable internet a reality for all.

Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Vodafone Ghana, reflecting on this, remarked, “We are so pleased with this fantastic upgrade; 4G+ is a major improvement to the experience that we give to our customers. This aligns with our vision of enabling a digital society where people, businesses and communities can connect seamlessly, and we will continue to do more and give more to our customers.”

Source: Business Ghana