Vodafone Ghana Foundation launches 2023 Homecoming: Restoring lives, Rekindling hope

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation has launched its annual Homecoming initiative at the Tema General Hospital in Accra.

With a history spanning over a decade, Homecoming is a bespoke charitable initiative aimed at settling medical bills and auxiliary costs for indigent patients across the country.

Since its inception in 2011, the programme has successfully discharged over 2,000 insolvent patients, enabling them to return home without the burden of unpaid medical expenses.

This year, the Homecoming initiative will continue its impactful work, with the goal of discharging about 200 patients in hospitals across the Northern, Middle, and Southern belts of the country.

The programme will be executed in three phases, reflecting the successful model of previous years. Speaking at the launch, Preba Greenstreet, Legal and External Affairs Director said, “The Vodafone Ghana Foundation is committed to promoting health and wellbeing under our connected health pillar.

"This ensures that eligible patients are not denied access to essential healthcare due to their financial constraints.

"We are excited to continue our mission of making a positive difference in the lives of our fellow Ghanaians through the Homecoming initiative.”

Working with its implementing partners, the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Homecoming initiative will collaborate with major hospitals to identify eligible patients and cover their medical bills, providing them with the opportunity to return home to their communities and families.

The interim Director and Clinical Coordinator of the Tema General Hospital, Dr. Augustine Kwarshie, appealed to other corporate entities to adopt the Vodafone Ghana Foundation's approach to resolving insolvency issues in healthcare facilities in the country.

Appreciating the efforts of the foundation, he further advised the public to take advantage of the National Health Insurance Scheme to lessen the financial burden on the hospital’s welfare and institutions like the Vodafone Ghana Foundation, which provides support.

“Thank you, Vodafone Ghana Foundation, for this gesture and for giving me hope. I am very grateful and cannot wait to reunite with my family at home.

"God bless you for the support,” added Agnes, a beneficiary who had been discharged two weeks prior but was still at the hospital due to her inability to pay her bills.

Source: My Joy Online