Ghanaians tasked to take advantage of self-service app to complete SIM re-registration

Ghanaians who have not re-registered their SIM cards and have started facing difficulties with some call and data services are being urged to take advantage of the self-service SIM registration app to complete the process.

The National Communications Authority has instituted punitive measures for defaulting subscribers ahead of the deadline in a few weeks’ time.

These measures include the re-routing of outgoing calls for special messages to be played, while others will also be blocked for special messages to be played for 48 hours.
Within September, these measures shall not include the blocking of SMS services to give defaulting subscribers the opportunity to initiate registration if they so wish.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Dr. Ken Ashigbey, speaking to Citi Business News on the development said “With the app, you can sit in the comfort of your home and register. I have tried the app and it works. The only challenge is that I think that the point at which payment is made should be deferred to the point where all the particulars are taken and completed before it is charged. So, if you don’t want to go to the nearest MNO office or through any stress, you can just go on your phone, download the app and pay the GH¢5 and register.”

The National Communication Authority rolled out the SIM Card Registration Self-Service App on the Google Play Store to provide another means for telecom subscribers to complete their SIM card re-registration at a GH¢5 charge.

Challenges with the app

The National Communication Authority has begun refunding monies to persons who were charged double the amount charged when using the SIM re-registration App.

This comes after complaints by some Ghanaians about being charged more than they were supposed to after they completed the process on the app.

Director for Consumer and Corporate Affairs at the National Communications Authority, Kwame Gyan, while confirming the refund, spoke on what accounted for the double charge.

“From my end, what happened is that it is not a case of double charging. It could be that in the process of registration, when someone faces data connectivity issues, they restart. And in the process, one may pay more than once. We are looking at working on it such that it will be possible to check the status of your payment.”

“So far, we have only about 40 people who made edible payments. Some have had their monies refunded, others are going to get theirs soon.”

Source: Ellen Dapaah (Citi Business News)