Huawei-5G-for-innovationMobile communications industry body GSMA has proposed a crisis meeting to discuss a plan to ban Huawei 5G equipment in the European Union amid mounting industry concerns that such a move could set operators back by years.

The European Commission is weighing a de-facto ban on Huawei's 5G network equipment for next-generation mobile networks due to security concerns, sources told Reuters.

Some Western countries, including the United States and Australia, have restricted Huawei  from building next-generation mobile networks and Germany is considering whether to do so.

GSMA Director General, Mats Granryd, had written to members proposing to put the debate around Huawei onto the agenda of its next board meeting, a spokesman for the federation told Reuters on Saturday.

The meeting will be held in late February on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress, the industry's biggest annual gathering, in Barcelona.

"It is to be confirmed for now," he said.
As many operators are relying on Huawei to build out 5G networks, a de-facto ban would be a considerable setback for Europe's efforts to stay competitive in communications, with implications for connected factories, self-driving cars and medical technology.

Deutsche Telekom has said it would set its plans to roll out the new services back by two years.

Source: Telecomspaper



Vodafone Ghana in collaboration with Facebook has launched a new data product as part of its strategy to promote access to reliable and cheap internet and reach underserved areas across the country.

Dubbed ‘Express Wi-Fi’ by Facebook, it is a product that helps retail entrepreneurs to offer fast and affordable Wi-Fi services at hotspots spread across the communities and residents at Jamestown in Accra, Nima, Maamobi and Abossey Okai.

[caption id="attachment_5115" align="alignnone" width="200"]Yolanda Cuba - CEO VF Yolanda Cuba - CEO VF[/caption]

Speaking at the launch in Jamestown in Accra yesterday, the Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba said the product was to provide Ghanaians reliable internet at an affordable rate.

She explained that in the current technological work, no individual could be left behind without access to reliable data, saying, “Vodafone Ghana sees this extension of a strategy to ignite a digital revolution in Ghana by leaving no one behind.”

“It is certainly a demonstration of our strategy in action. We remain committed to making sure every Ghanaian becomes part of the data revolution, which currently represents the next stage of growth in this age of digital dominance. Affordability remains an issue for users in the underserved regions of the country, despite their high demand for data, and this initiative is the answer,” Ms. Cuba said.

The CEO of Vodafone Ghana said plans were advanced to extend the product to other parts of the country to enable the citizens to have access to data.

The Deputy Minister of Communications, Vincent Nii Odotei Sowah in his address lauded Vodafone Ghana for the initiative, meant to deepen internet penetration in the country. He said in this “technological age you cannot do anything without the internet,” indicating that currently Police, Military, and Immigration recruitment forms were done online and access to data was very critical.

Mr. Odotei said the government was heavily investing in digital infrastructure to help deepen internet penetration in the country and promote quality education delivery in the country.

VodafoneCurrently, he said, students easily do their research by accessing the internet for information without physically visiting the library.

Akumajay Mantse, Jamestown, Accra, Nii Ayikai III, in his remarks expressed gratitude to Vodafone Ghana for introducing the product at Jamestown.

He encouraged the people of Jamestown to take advantage of the product to expand and enhance their businesses.

How to use the Vodafone express WIFI

Connecting to the Vodafone express WIFI service is very simple.

Put on your WIFI on your smart device (phone, laptop, tablet etc) and connect to Vodafone express WIFI hotspot in any express WIFI connected community.

The Vodafone express WIFI portal will automatically open, which you will have to input your mobile number (either Vodafone or any other networks).

An SMS will be sent to the mobile number which the customer would use to log onto the internet to proceed to browse.

Every first-time user will enjoy a jumpstart data of 100MB and can purchase data from as low as GHC1.00.

Data packs can be purchased at the nearest branded and accredited Vodafone express WIFI retailer in your community.



sodcuttingTelecommunication giant, MTN, has commissioned the construction of a 24-unit classroom block for the Ghana Police Education System worthGHC1.6 million.

The project is aimed at supporting the education needs of Ghana Police Service and expected to benefit over 2,493 pupils annually.

It comprises of a head teacher’s office, staff common room, modern toilet facility and furniture.

In addition to the 24-unit classroom block, MTN will convert and enhance an existing library into an integrated library, which will have a hardcopy book area and an ICT centre.

Speaking at the event at Tesano in Accra, Chief Executive Officer  of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh said: “MTN values our relationship with Ghana Police more essentially for the safety and security we enjoy as Ghanaians. MTN Ghana has declared this year as the year of the customer and so we are enjoined by this to brighten our customers’ lives at various touch points and today is the beginning of our time with Ghana Police”.

[caption id="attachment_5001" align="alignnone" width="291"]SELORM-ADADEVOH-MTN ,CEO SELORM-ADADEVOH-MTN ,CEO[/caption]

Mr Adadevoh noted that MTN’s vision is to “lead the delivery of a bold new digital world and this facility, when completed, will have an ICT centre to bring the immense benefits of ICT to the students”.

MTN CEO added that the project is the 143rd investment of the MTN Ghana Foundation since its inception over a decade ago.

He noted that they are glad to have invested significantly in Ghana’s education with more than 82 educational projects across the country.

The Inspector General of Police David Asante- Appeatu, in his speech, explained that the Ghana Police Education System was ready to educate the children of the Police administration but it had become necessary to involve the general public.

He continued that since the mainstream duty of the police is to give security to the public, it made it logical for the facility to be opened to the general public.

He said the MTN assistance had come at the right time because when the old school was opened to the public, it led to the rise in student population, putting pressure on the old and weak facility and causing the quality of the facility to deteriorate, which made the police administration to think of entering into partnership with their key stakeholders, particularly MTN Ghana.


mobile-applicatons-500x500The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is to work on the deployment of a mobile application for the secondary trading of listed securities.
Kofi Yamoah, the Managing Director of GSE said the Exchange would leverage on the approach of mobile money application, where investors could buy their shares and trade on the secondary market.
Mr Yamoah was speaking at a press briefing on the review of the stock market in 2018 in Accra.
He said “the GSE is looking at building on what MTN did in its latest IPO.”
He said the global stock market in 2018 suffered the worst year in a decade and nearly all African markets also suffered losses.
On global market environment, the MD said there were slower global growth especially in China and the political uncertainty and setbacks in the United State and Europe also affected the market.
He said the GSE composite index was flat at -0.29 per cent and the GSE financial index lost 6.79 per cent as compared to positive 52.73 per cent and 49.51 per cent respectively in 2017.
He said 2018 saw the telecommunication sector, now represented on the market by virtue of the biggest telecommunication company MTN, being listed on the market.
“Three non-performing equity securities were de-listed,” he said.
On factors behind GSE’s market performance, Mr Yamoah said inflation trended down and reached a single digit for the first time in over five years at 9.4 per cent in December, 2018.
He said new oil and gas field discoveries, means additional revenue for government as well as the satisfactory review by the international Monetary Fund of Ghana’s economy contributed to the performance.
He said the GSE’s market performance was also due to the continued strong investor confidence and interest in the Ghanaian economy, adding that, even though there were positives, the market also witnessed some negative like the pressure on the Cedi from a strong United State dollar leading to an 8. 39 per cent depreciation of the Cedi.
He said challenges in the banking and non-banking sectors, where seven banks failed in the last two years, mixed results of listed companies and securities sell-off by non-resident investors, due to rise in United State federal rates and profit-taking, affected the market.
Mr Yamoah said on the outlook for 2019, the GSE would facilitate the introduction of securities lending and borrowing and would improve market compliance by dealers and issuers through the use of technology such as a reporting portal.
“We will continue stakeholder engagements on GSE’s plans to demutualize in the short to medium term,” he added.
He said Vodafone Ghana should be made to go public to off load part of the 30 per cent in the company to enable the public to own a stake on the company.
He said adb bank shares re-possessed by the Bank of Ghana from entities related to Unibank should in the medium term be sold on the market to the public.
The MD said viable State-Owned Enterprises should be encouraged and allowed to raise equity or debt securities, based on their balance sheet, to better pursue their mandate.
“Ghana should have a formal and centralised reporting framework for forex trading for better price discovery in the foreign exchange market space.