Vodafone and MicroEnsure unveil an all-inclusive insurance product for customers

Telecommunications giant, Vodafone Ghana has partnered with MicroEnsure, a global provider of micro, nano and digital insurance products, to launch an all-inclusive mobile insurance product known as SafeNet for customers. SafeNet is underwritten by Enterprise Life Assurance Company Limited and Prudential Life Insurance Ghana Limited.

The Telecommunication Industry supporting Ghana’s 2020 election effort

Since the beginning of November 2020 the world has watched in wonder, and often disbelief, as the spectacle of the United States’ 2020 presidential election, continues to unfold. The two candidates on polar opposites of the political spectrum, fought two very different campaigns with sharply contrasting messages. As was witnessed in the US’ previous elections in 2016, social media played a pivotal and often divisive role in shaping the views of the electorate. In the aftermath of the 2016 US elections, the world gleaned a better understanding of how foreign nations could use social media to exploit the ideological differences that exist in any society to devastating effect. Some argue that the full effects of this are still not properly understood.