4.3 Billion People Now Own Smartphones – GSMA

The Mobile Internet Connectivity Report for 2023, published by the GSM Association (GSMA), reveals that approximately 4.3 billion people now own smartphones. That is the 55% of the global population. Out of the 4.6 billion mobile internet users, 4 billion access internet services through their smartphones.

Vodafone Ghana sees network upgrade

Vodafone Ghana majority shareholder Telecel Group announced it had expanded the operator’s network with the deployment of 300 new 4G sites, with the majority of them being activated across Ghana.

Africa Mobile Broadband Summit 2023: Powering Digital Africa

Huawei and GSMA Intelligence held the Africa Mobile Broadband Summit 2023 in Dubai. The event brought together African telecom regulators, industry organizations, carriers, think tanks, and industry partners to discuss a wide range of topics, including expanding mobile coverage, increasing 4G uptake, and managing the region's evolution towards 5G.