Vodafone Healthline kicks off with COVID-19 Education

The ninth edition of the Vodafone flagship health initiative, “Vodafone Healthline” has kicked off with education on the prevention, symptoms and treatment of COVID-19.

Dr. Joseph Oliver-Commey, an Infectious Disease Specialist Member, according to a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, speaking on the subject, said the virus had no cure yet, however, a good immune system could be helpful.

“It is important to know that a strong immune system does not entirely prevent you from contracting COVID-19, but it strengthens the body to mount a defense. Initially, we had only people with underlining conditions die from the virus but this time around, people without conditions such as heart diseases and kidney issues are also dying.

“Again, almost 70 per cent of those who contract the virus are now younger people. Children can be carriers of the virus. The virus continues to manifest in different forms; however, it is good that we are getting to know the virus better,” he said.

On his part, Dr. Francis Addae, Family Physician and Diabetologist at the University of Ghana Medical Centre, said all could prevent the virus from spreading if collectively they observed the three ‘W’s.

“COVID-19 has come to stay with us. To curb it, we must observe the three main safety protocols, which I call the three ‘W’s; ‘watch your distance’, ‘wash your hands frequently’, and ‘Wear your nose mask at all crowded places.

“Things that we can do to help fight the virus are to exercise, eat well, drink a lot of water and sleep well for at least seven hours daily”, he advised.

The edition also offered viewers the opportunity to join the weekly workout and fitness session, the statement said.

It also advised viewers to avoid wearing nose masks when exercising but keep a safe distance to enable them to breathe properly.

Vodafone Healthline has won several local and international awards since its inception. The multiple award-winning show was awarded the CIMG TV Programme of the Year at the recent CIMG Excellence Awards.

The ninth edition of Vodafone’s flagship health initiative promises a unique approach to captivate viewers. The show airs on TV3, UTV, GHOne, Joy Prime, Adom TV, DGN, SBN, Family TV and Amansan TV, the statement said.

Source: GNA