Employees of one of the world leading telecoms and technology service providers, Vodafone Group will now be enjoying 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave following the introduction of a new global policy, designed to support families by giving every parent the opportunity to have more time with children new to their family.

This means that any employee whose partner is having a baby, adopts a child or becomes a parent through surrogacy will have the flexibility to take up to 16 weeks' paid leave at any time during the first 18 months.

With the introduction of this new global policy, Vodafone workers globally will also be able to phase their return from parental leave by working the equivalent of a 30-hour week at full pay for a further six months.

According to a statement released by the group on it official website, the new global parental leave policy further underlines Vodafone’s strong commitment to diversity and gender equality and will make a significant difference to thousands of Vodafone employees, particularly in countries where there is little or no legal requirement to give equal support for both parents.

“In March 2015, Vodafone pioneered a global maternity policy, offering women across Vodafone’s markets and operations a minimum of 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave and a 30-hour week at full pay for the first six months after their return to work,” it stated.

In 2017, Vodafone launched the ReConnect programme to attract talented women who have left the workplace for several years – often to raise a family – who want to return to work but are struggling to make the professional connections needed or refresh the skills required.

“Vodafone believes that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to all, and is committed to ensuring that the more vulnerable are not left behind on the journey to that future. Through our technology, we are working to bridge the divides that exist and help people to contribute equally and fully to society,” the statement said.

“By becoming the world’s best employer for women by 2025 – we will help thousands of women to progress their careers, stimulating lost economic activity for the benefit of all,” it added.

Source: www.biztechafrica.com