There are significant strides in bridging the gender gap in the tech sector – ATC CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of American Tower Corporation (ATC) Ghana, Ashutosh Singh, says there are significant strides in bridging the gender gap in the tech sector. He, however, said, “we must acknowledge that there is still much work to be done.” 

Mr Singh was addressing more than 100 girls selected from three regions of Bono, Bono East and Ahafo as part of the “Girls in ICT Programme,” an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization in Accra.  

The Programme aims to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of Information and Communication Technologies. 

The Ghana Code Club partnered with ATC, where the girls were taught robotics and how to code. 

They were also given a complete guide to scratch programming for primary schools sponsored by ATC Ghana. 

He said this disparity was not due to lack of talent or capability but rather, the lack of opportunity and encouragement, hence, that was why programmes like girls in ICT were very crucial. 

“We as a company, are here to provide you with support, encouragement, and resources needed to pave your path to the industry,” he added. 

He said it was encouraged and made them aware of the possibilities of women in the field of Information and Communications Technology. 

The CEO said as a key player in the provision of wireless infrastructure for network connectivity, preparing the next generation of professionals in this space, especially girls, was very important to them. 

“Because of this, we have worked closely with the Ministry, remaining a key sponsor and stakeholder of this initiative,” he said. 

He said the initiative aligned with their Digital Communities sustainability project where they have built 10 fully equipped ICT learning Centres across the country. 

He said it was to provide ICT education for school children and residents in underserved and unserved communities and there were plans underway to build more Digital Communities this year. 

He said their skills, ideas and their unique perspectives were invaluable assets to the world of technology. 

Mr Singh said the ICT industry was a vast and dynamic landscape, encompassing a wide range of fields such as software development, data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and so much more.  

He said there was a place for each one of them in this ever-evolving digital realm, and their contributions would help shape the future of society. 

He urged the girls to embrace their passion and let it guide them on their journey and called on them to pursue their interests fearlessly, and not be discouraged by the challenges they may encounter along the way. 

The CEO commended the teachers and mentors accompanying these girls for their role in guiding and encouraging them. 

Ms Ethel Kumassah, a Land Lease Specialist with ATC said it was obvious that the world of technology was the future. 

She said the world of ICT was a vast and ever-evolving landscape, offering endless opportunities for growth, innovation, and creativity. 

“You must be open to embracing this field with confidence, knowing that your contributions can shape the future and drive positive change,” she said. 

She said working in technology as a female can sometimes be tricky and there was a lot of confidence that organization places in their employees. 

She said throughout her own journey in ICT, she had witnessed firsthand the transformative power it holds, and it was a realm where ideas could become reality and where dreams could take flight. 

“My hope is that by sharing my experience, I can ignite within you the same passion and drive that has fueled my own success by far,” she added. 

She said along the way, it was possible that there would be a lack of faith shown in them and sometimes it might even come from friends and family, but it was important to believe in what they were doing and to take time to truly find out what they were truly passionate about. 

“Success in ICT is not limited to any specific gender or background. It is open to all who dare to dream and are willing to put in the effort to turn those dreams into reality,” she said. 

The Specialist urged them not to let anything discourage them from pursuing your goals, and never forget the power they hold within them to create a brighter future for yourselves and for our world.

Source: My JoyOnline