Telecommunications chamber trains underprivileged youth in ICT

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, in collaboration with the Institute of ICT Professionals, has trained 212 young people in new information and communication technology.

The 212 boys and girls, some with hearing impairment, along with 42 teachers from 38 junior high schools and primary schools in Swedru, Nkum and Nyakrom, participated in the programme aimed at preparing them for future life and work.

They were introduced to the basics of coding and 3D printing.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Kenneth Ashigbey, said the training workshop was essential to help build young people for the technologically advancing world.

He said with the skills acquired the young participants would be better prepared for future opportunities.

Prosecute offenders.
On cyber security, he urged the Cyber Security Authority to prosecute the 420 suspects engaged in loan app fraud. He suggested community service where the suspects could be engaged to impart ICT knowledge into individuals who were not ICT inclined.

Mr Ashigbey stated that it was essential to work and build on the cyber capacity of the people in the country to reduce the vulnerability of the population to internet fraudsters.

He noted that the illiteracy rate and inadequate knowledge in ICT were some of the other key issues affecting the safe use of the cyber space.

The Executive Director of the Institute of ICT professionals, David Gowu, noted that the institute had been training mostly children from privileged backgrounds in ICT, but they had begun including children from relatively deprived backgrounds two years ago.

He said the initiative was aimed at bringing young people together and exposing them to new ICT trends, including coding, how to design games, developing applications and telling stories using the computer.

Source: Shirley Asiedu-Aidoo (Graphic Online)