Telecel Cash Now Available as a Payment Option on Google Play in Ghana

Telecel Mobile Financial Services Ltd, operators of Telecel Cash, in partnership with Cellulant, a leading technology company, has announced the availability of Telecel Cash as a convenient payment method for Google Play users in Ghana.

This integration enables Telecel Cash customers to seamlessly purchase apps and services directly from Google Play, enhancing their digital experience.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to expand payment options and improve transaction ease for Google Play users, especially in regions where the use of traditional credit cards is uncommon. By incorporating Telecel Cash, Telecel Ghana and Cellulant are providing a seamless, secure, and convenient payment method tailored to the needs of the Ghanaian market.

Richard Gesimba, Vice President, Cellulant Checkout Business Unit, highlighted the significance of the collaboration. "Our partnership with Telecel Ghana aims to innovate and deliver payment solutions that address the evolving needs of African consumers. This integration makes it easier for them to access a world of apps and content on Google Play without traditional banking facilities." He noted.

Philip Amoateng, Director for Telecel Cash, emphasized the benefits for customers. “The inclusion of Telecel Cash as a payment option on Google Play significantly enhances our service offerings. It offers our customers a straightforward and secure way to enjoy all the features and capabilities that Google Play has to offer. We are committed to enhancing our customers' digital experiences and ensuring they can access global digital content with ease.", he added.

Google Play, a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google, is the official app store for the Android operating system. It allows users to browse and download applications developed with the Android software development kit and published through Google.

The availability of Telecel Cash as a payment method on Google Play is expected to boost the platform's usage in Ghana, where mobile money has become a dominant force in financial transactions.

This also demonstrates Telecel Ghana’s commitment to enhancing customer experience and expanding digital accessibility.

Source: Telecel