Our new tagline will be reflected in our service – Vodafone Ghana CEO

Patricia Obo-Nai C.E.O of Vodafone Ghana
Patricia Obo-Nai C.E.O of Vodafone Ghana

The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai has reiterated the telecommunication company’s commitment to prioritising its customers.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, on Vodafone’s new tagline ‘Together we can’, Mrs Obo-Nai said the motto will be reflected in their customer service.

She stressed that subscribers of Vodafone will be priority at every point in time to ensure maximum satisfaction.

“Our customers are the real beneficiaries of all this, so they are going to see updated products, offerings and for us it is very important that we do this to reflect the tagline that we have put out there.

They are going to see a very renewed commitment to our customer care; if we are holding the hands of our customers, then we have to show it through the way we serve them,” she told host Kojo Yankson.

The CEO further added that the tagline is also aimed at empowering people to exploit technology in innovative ways to bring about positive transformation.

She indicated that although technology has improved life, it is time to shift the agenda from ‘what human beings have benefited from technology’ to ‘what people can do with it’.

“We need the human being to be creative, we need the human being to identify the problem and then solve them with technology. And that for us, we have shifted the emphasis from the exciting technology itself to the ‘we’ [humans].

“So when we say, “Together we can” the emphasis is now the “we”. It talks about what the human capacity can create and how human beings can use that technology to make a difference,” she stated.