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MTN Ghana has organized a young CEO’s summit as part of the commemoration of the 21 Days of Y’ello Care initiative, an annual employee volunteer initiative launched by MTN Group in 2007.
The summit was dubbed: “The Bright Young CEOs Digital Summit and Coaching Initiative.”

A statement by Mr Samuel Koranteng, Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana and copied the Ghana News Agency said the summit was put together in line with the theme for this year’s 21 Days of Y’ello Care, “Creating a Brighter Future for our Youth.”

The session, which was led by Mr Dario Bianchi, MTN’s Digital Consultant, gave the participants an insight into Digital Sales and Marketing skills and how they could leverage technology to drive their business.

Mr Bianchi emphasized in his presentation the need for young entrepreneurs to incorporate digital marketing into their strategy in order to reach out to larger audiences.

He also urged the participants to make time to assess customers’ opinions about their products online as often as possible.

“Do not be afraid of getting feedback from customers online, it is the most important thing to do,” he said.

In addition, the Senior Management had a “One on One” mentoring session with the 50 young entrepreneurs who took part in the summit.

Some of the young entrepreneurs who participated in the summit included young CEOs in the digital space, agro-business, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, tourism and education.

The statement said throughout the year, MTN Ghana employee volunteers across the country had since June 1, implemented projects aimed at youth empowerment and development.

Some of the projects included training of unemployed youth in skills such as bead making, leather works and computer programming.

MTN staff volunteers are also training the beneficiaries in Digital Marketing, Financial Management, Project Management and Customer Service management.

They would also visit the Borstal home in Accra and some selected prisons to interact and motivate young inmates.

Since the inception of the 21 days of Y’ello Care challenge in 2007, MTN Ghana has won the 2008 WECA Regional Awards and the overall Y’ello Care Challenge for 2010 and 2011.

MTN Ghana also won the Y’ello Care ICT Project for 2013 and Y’ello Care Innovation Project award for 2014.

The “21 Days of Y’ello Care” is a competition amongst MTN operations to secure the highest number of staff involved in volunteerism and initiating projects with remarkable impact.

The country with the highest staff participation wins the prize money of $100,000 to be reinvested in community projects.

It is to encourage MTN staff to commit their time and resources to community service for 21 days in June.

MTN Ghana is the market leader in the increasingly competitive mobile telecommunications industry in Ghana, offering subscribers a range of exciting options under Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go Services and Mobile Financial Services.

The company has committed itself to delivering reliable and innovative services that provide value for subscribers in Ghana’s telecommunications market.

Since its entry into Ghana in 2006, MTN has continuously invested in expanding and modernizing its network in order to offer superior services to a broad expanse of the nation.

Source: GNA