MTN Ghana Ignites Girls’ Passion for STEM Fields

As part of their commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the technology sector, MTN Ghana and Mobile Web Ghana have partnered to celebrate the International Day for Girls in ICT.

The two organizations aim to inspire and empower young girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Through this program, 80 girls from three Junior High Schools in Accra will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in STEM fields. The initiative hopes to foster a more diverse and inclusive technology industry, where girls can play an important role in shaping the future.

This year’s celebration, themed “Leadership,” aims to empower women and girls to harness their ideas and have equal opportunities to participate in the digital economy.

The Economic Empowerment Advisor at MTN Ghana Foundation, Cynthia Mills, dared ladies to be bold in taking up STEM courses while furthering their education.


She emphasized that aside from empowering ladies, the programme also seeks to address the fear of Mathematics and Science among young girls.

“As part of addressing these fears, MTN is providing mentors from within the company to share their experiences and inspire the students to consider STEM careers,” she stressed.

Cynthia Mills urged young women to embrace Mathematics and Science as vital skills for building the nation’s future.

She highlighted the programme’s success in previous years and the ongoing commitment to supporting girls in STEM education by checking up on their progress after the sessions.

The Director at Mobile Web Planner, Florence Toffa, noted the importance of encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.

She highlighted the underrepresentation of girls in ICT and other STEM-related disciplines despite the country’s high internet penetration rates.

She emphasized the need for providing role models in leadership positions to motivate girls to consider STEM career paths.

She noted the untapped potential that STEM and technology hold for girls, urging them to explore these fields regardless of their academic level.

Florence added that her outfit is fostering a supportive environment and providing mentorship from industry leaders with the hope to empower the next generation of female leaders in ICT and beyond.

Florence stated that about 80 girls from both junior and senior high schools in three various schools participated in the programme.

She further underscored that it’s never too late for girls to consider science-related courses.
Additionally, she said that the program aims to showcase the opportunities available in ICT and STEM fields, particularly for young girls.

“So currently, we have the breakout section by bringing in role models from MTN, women who have excelled in technology and occupied leadership positions,” she stressed.

She emphasized the vast opportunities in ICT for everyone, adding that it’s important to focus on girls’ empowerment.

She encouraged parents and educators to expose young girls to the positive aspects of the internet and the opportunities ICT can offer.

Source: Ike Dzokpo (News Ghana)