Mr Sam Koranteng, Corporate Services Executive of Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) Ghana, has said the company was bent on giving its customers the latest products the connected world craved and would aid the quest for a digital epoch.

He said MTN furnished all manner of platforms to access media, "Internet of Things" and other emerging network-based technology trends and also encouraged the capacities of local populations to feed off the cyber revolution.

Mr Koranteng, who was briefing the Editors Forum in Ho, said MTN was working to close the network coverage gap, and to transform its network with the newest technologies.

He said MTN would continue to rollout the smartest service packages to suit the connectivity needs of its customers, which includes all ranges of business, and institutions.

Mr Koranteng said MTN Mobile Money holds the prestige as the Nation's first channel to all inclusive personal electronic finance, the nut in the shell of the cashless system.

The company's IPO recently became the first in the world with mobile-based monetary platform as a medium to subscribe shares, serving the stock market to over 120 000 Ghanaians.

MTN also holds several top spots on the Ghana Stock Exchange including raising the largest amount, most subscribers, and the firm with the largest Ghanaian shareholder base.

Mr Koranteng revealed that the company added 500, 000 more to Ghana's employment figures, three billion cedis plus in tax contributions over five years, and would hold on to deepening partnership with its clients.

He noted its livelihood empowerment contributions through a spectrum of initiatives, and said it would continue to heal cracks in the walls of society with health, education, business, and other interventions.