Momo fraud: Don’t let others use your Ghana card – Telcos Chamber warns Ghanaians

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has warned the public against giving their Ghana cards to people to use in the registration of their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.

The Chamber gave the warning when it raised concerns about MoMo fraud, which has recently risen sharply.

The Chamber says MoMo fraudsters have devised new and diverse ways of defrauding customers, thus urging customers to be aware of their tricks.

In an interview at a stakeholder engagement in Elmina in the Central Region on Wednesday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Chamber of Telecommunications, Dr. Ken Ashigbey, said that these MoMo fraudsters have resorted to using the Ghana cards of innocent victims to register new SIM cards, which they then use in their operations.

He indicated that there is a concerted plan between the Ghana Police Service, some banks, and the cybersecurity unit to block persons who engage in MoMo fraud and subsequently prosecute them when arrested.

Dr. Ashigbey also assured that the Chamber, in partnership with other stakeholders, is working to ensure that the issue of MoMo fraud soon becomes a thing of the past.

“There is a MoMo fraud which is very pervasive. What we’ve done is that now the IGP has called a meeting with all the Telcos, all the banks, and then he is working on a concerted plan. Because already as a chamber, we have a platform where when anybody defrauds you, steals your device, and you report it, the telco in particular will investigate. If they find it to be true, they will block the person. We are now liaising with the cybercrime unit. We don’t only do that. After blocking, they put it on the platform and then you are blocked.”

“And now with the partnership with the IGP and because we have the Ghana card, we will now be able to arrest. But the unfortunate thing is that the fraudsters are using people’s Ghana cards to register these SIMs, and then they do these frauds. So please we beg you, don’t allow anybody to use your Ghana card to register their SIMs, when you do that, you put yourselves at risk,” he stated.


Source: Business Ghana