Huawei launches 2020 Seed for the Future programme in Ghana

Huawei has launched the sixth edition of Seeds for the Future in Ghana Accra. In partnership with the ministry of communication, the ministry of education, UNESCO, National Council of Tertiary Education and three Universities, Ghana Sky Seeds for the Future will give 50 STEM university students the opportunity to expand their scope in ICT. It is also advocating more female participation in ICT.

The intensive five-day training will be held online to introduce students to new technologies, and equip them with skills to identify and harness new opportunities in ICT. It will offer participants the opportunity to meet ICT professionals, too. This year, beneficiaries will take a virtual tour of the Huawei headquarters in China and go through advanced courses like Internet of Things, cybersecurity, digital trade, digital economy, cross-cultural Management, strategic management, leadership skills and other training.

Participants will also get the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and Huawei laboratories through various scheduled virtual tours as well as live interactions with industry leaders in Ghana and China.


Source: Telecompaper