E-levy: We’ve initiated enough information to guide your transaction – CEO of Mobile Money Limited

Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Money Limited, a subsidiary of MTN Ghana, Eli Hini says MTN Ghana has provided sufficient information to guide customers’ decisions at the point of initiating transactions.

According to him, the information on the charges to be paid and information on the levy to be paid depending on the amount being transacted is provided at the initial stage of the transaction for customers.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Tuesday, he said this would enable customers to either proceed with their transaction or decline and seek more clarification before their transaction.

“We’ve provided sufficient information at the point of initiating a transaction, the kind of information that will guide your decision…our centers are also opened for those who need clarification to seek that clarification before they proceed with that transaction,” he said. Mr. Hini is confident that despite the several criticisms and backlashes prior to the implementation of the levy, customers will soon be comfortable with the levy since its implementation is now in place.

“So I think we will get to the one hundred percent level where it is comfortable but for a big project like this, I think we have done very well with the takeoff.

“We look forward to smoothening the issues that may be coming out and have a smooth implementation going forward,” he added.

The E-levy was implemented on May 1. Electronic transactions above ¢100 are now being taxed at a rate of 1.5%.

However, some transactions below the threshold have been taxed since the implementation began.

According to the GRA, this is because charging entities; Telcos, Banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and specialized deposit-taking institutions; are charging from their individual systems.

The Authority has noted that steps are being taken to address the challenges.

“We have shared some guidelines to the charging entities on how to reverse those legitimate transfers that are not supposed to attract the levy.

The second category also relates to that same off-net where people are sending below 100 cedis and are being charged. That has come to our attention and we are in communication with the charging entities to look into that,” Head of Project Management, Isaac Kobina Amoako, said on JoyNews’ AM Show on Monday.

Source: Raphael Ghartey