Telecoms Chamber facilitates Right of Way Site Visits in the Eastern Region

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications with Engineers of the Mobile Operators, yesterday visited the Eastern Region to engage in planned site visits with the Department of Urban Roads (DUR).


The DUR this year is constructing and upgrading roads in over 22 communities within major cities and towns in the Eastern Region such as Apedwa, Kyebi, Nsawam, Suhum, New Juaben, Denchembour and many others.

Road Constructions in Ghana, remain 65% of the time according to Operator Incident Reports; the major cause of damage to Telecommunications Infrastructure. Such damage affects the consumer adversely, depriving them of critical access to connectivity which hampers security and affects productivity of our people.

The Telecoms Chamber is confident such planned site visits will enhance collaboration between the Mobile Operators and the Roads Agencies to enable parties align on where existing infrastructure is deployed to ensure minimal issues arise during the Road Construction projects.

Another major advantage of these collaborations will enable Mobile Operators to make provision for ducts to be laid in communities where roads are being constructed. Such proactive measures will prevent the roads from being “cut” in the future when operators have a compelling case to provide data services in the communities.

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Source: Communications Desk