Bank of Ghana Partners Mobile Industry To Observe World Consumer Rights Day 2022

Cross-section of participants
Cross-section of participants

Ghana’s Mobile Industry in partnership with the Bank of Ghana observed this year’s World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), with a market activation at the Kejetia Market in Kumasi.

This year’s event is being organised under the theme “Fair Digital Finance” and the event was aimed at educating traders, commuters and the general public on the various fraud typologies in mobile financial, innovations in the digital financial services, Unsolicited Electronic Communications.
With the growing economic and social importance of mobile services, particularly the mobile internet and mobile financial services, there is a corresponding demand from stakeholders (customers, mobile operators, government) to ensure that mobile subscribers in Ghana’s market can continue to enjoy them safely and securely.

The market activation emphasised the importance of security at the heart of the industry’s evolution and the development of new digital products and services. Customers were educated to the modus operandi of mobile financial fraudsters, WhatsApp hacking, unsolicited Electronic Communications among and how they would be able to use digital financial services safely.

CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey in his remarks accentuated the interdependent relationship between consumers and the mobile operators and echoed the relentless commitment of the industry to provide quality and world-class telecommunications services with consumers at the very core of their operations.

“Achieving fair digital finance for all requires a global, collaborative, and coordinated approach. The rapidly evolving and complex nature of digital financial services demonstrate the need for innovative regulatory approaches and digital financial services and products that centre consumer protection and empowerment”- Dr. Ashigbey remarked.

Consumers were cautioned on safer practices and use of mobile financial services (mobile money) to safeguard them from fraudsters and other common crimes that confronts consumers.
“Consumers have rights and equally have responsibilities, and we will continue to work with you to ensure there are no compromise on your security and data privacy as you gain access to new services, more responsive products, greater convenience and choice.” said Kenneth.

The event was characterized with fun activities, such as skit drama, fastest fingers, comedy among others and customers who participated in other educational games were rewarded with souvenirs from their network operators.

The event was held in partnership with the Bank of Ghana, the Regulator of Digital Financial Services in Ghana. Senior officials from the mobile network operators, tower infrastructure company, OEMS, Representative of the Regional Minister, Bank of Ghana, National Communications Authority, Consumer Advocacy Centre, Consumer Protection Agency, and Ghana Revenue Authority, media and the general public graced the occasion.

Stands were mounted by mobile operators for SIM registration for the market women and customers to take advantage of the ongoing exercise to register their SIM cards. The Bank of Ghana also conducted customer clinics to educate customers of their rights. Feedback were received from customers and their questions answered
Editor’s Note

About World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD)
The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is celebrated on 15th March worldwide. It is an occasion for expressing solidarity within the international consumer movement. It marks the date in 1962 when President John F Kennedy first outlined the definition Consumer Rights.
Various countries take opportunity of the day to educate consumers and the general public on their rights to be respected and protected. Other countries also use the day to protest against consumer abuse and mishandling.
After JFK outlined what consumer rights are, the WCRD was first formally observed on 15th March 1983, and has since become an important occasion for mobilizing citizen attention and action.

About the Telecoms Chamber
The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication is an industry association and a private initiative by the mobile network operators in Ghana. We are an advocacy institution established to help direct telecommunications policy, legislation and regulation, and pursue research towards the development of telecommunications.
As the voice of the mobile operators and tower companies in Ghana, we work through direct engagements with government (institutions), civil society, key stakeholders and consumers to shape the mobile ecosystem and maximize the socio-economic benefits of mobile in Ghana. The Chamber was registered in 2010 and inaugurated in 2011. The Chamber is celebrating its 10th Anniversary from 2021 till November 2022.

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