Vodafone Ghana launches the 'Shake' Campaign

VF Future Logo
Vodafone has introduced a new and innovative campaign, “Shake” in line with a promise to give customers confidence and optimism about the future of technology.

The campaign is an industry first sensation that allows customers to purchase bundles, enjoy free data and weekly rewards by simply shaking their smartphone device after downloading and registering their details on Vodafone’s interactive mobile app – ‘MyVodafoneApp.’

Thousands of Vodafone customers have already won free airtime, free data, free music content and tickets to various programmes after the initiative was launched barely a week ago.

Agnes Emefa Essah, Sales and Marketing Director at Vodafone Ghana said;

“The Shake campaign affirms what we mean by leading the industry as the most innovative and creative network in Ghana. The power of telecommunications is its ability to adapt to the changing times and we see Shake as an added impetus to show our customers that we are committed to giving them unmatched experience. Shake is also an avenue for the youth to find a common platform to connect.”

The campaign is part of a concerted approach to give customers a reason to be optimistic about the future of technology; being confident that Vodafone will never renege on its commitment to them.

Shake utilises the MyVodafoneApp platform, which is a unique mobile application that consolidates all customer needs in one place.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com