Governing Council

About Governing Council

About Governing Council - The Governing Council is the board of directors for the Chamber. It compromises the Heads of all the member organizations and their alternates together with the Chamber CEO.

The Governing Council., currently chaired by the CEO of Vodafone (Mrs Patricia Obo-Nai) sits bi-monthly. 

About Executive Committee - It is a committee of the Governing Council that is responsible for implementing the resolutions of the Governing Council and take such decisions as it may think proper for transacting the Chamber's business subject to ratification by the Governing Council. It comprises the Heads of all the mobile operators and the Chamber CEO.

Governing Council Members

Patricia Obo-Nai - Chairperson
Selorm Adadevoh - Vice Chairperson
Leo Skarlatos
Yahaya Yunusa
Fritz Dzeklo
Estelle Akofio-Sowah
Jonathan Lamptey
Tommy Liang
Richard Arthur
Kenneth Ashigbey

First Governing Council Members

Mr. Philip Sowah -  Zain
Mr. Robert N. Palitz - Kasapa
Mr. Brett Goschen - MTN
Mr. Christopher Soulet - TIGO
Mr. David Venn - Vodafone