AirtelTigo Leadership with NCR Executives-and-Members
AirtelTigo Leadership with NCR Executives-and-Members

The Chief Executive Officer of AirtelTigo, Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi, says the company’s brand promise to its customers is to be the mobile technology partner that allows customers to benefit from innovative but simple solutions to live better.

With its tagline “Life is Simple”, Mrs Ng’ambi explained that: “We recognize that customers’ needs are changing with time. In this regard, we want to make life simple for our customers and businesses through our innovative products and services.”

She disclosed this during a courtesy call on the management of the company by the Network of Communication Reporters (NCR) at its headquarters in Accra.

Mrs. Ng’ambi shared with excitement the growth journey that the company is on, saying “the company is focusing on continued network expansion for improved customer experience, AirtelTigo Money also known as ‘ATM” and AirtelTigo Business which caters for small and large businesses.”

Mrs. Ng’ambi also cited examples of how AirtelTigo is living up to its brand promise. One such example is the first ever data bundle with no expiry in Ghana, “Big Time Data” which gives unbeatable value to customers. She committed that AirtelTigo will continue to offer such innovative products and services to demonstrate the brand’s promise.

Discussing some of the challenges faced by the company and industry, she said: “Good network experience is a key priority for us and as such the rise in the number of fibre cuts across the country is a major concern. We are experiencing 3 times the number of disruptions than we were experiencing this same time last year. This is significant.”

“When a fibre cut occurs it impacts the connection that our customers have to the network. We try as much as possible to restore service timeously, but the reality is that for every restoration that we undertake there’s a significant cost attached to this. From January up to today we have spent in the millions of Ghanaian cedis to repair our infrastructure that is damaged by third parties. Of course, it’s a concern to us because these are monies that could rather be reinvested in other areas of the network as opposed to the restoration of service.”

The Dean of the Network of Communication Reporters (NCR), Charles Benoni Okine, congratulated the CEO on her one-year anniversary, adding that the visit formed part of efforts by the NCR to engage key stakeholders in the telecom industry.

He explained that the NCR is a group of business and financial journalists who are more interested in writing business news focused on the telecommunications industry and that the interaction with the AirtelTigo leadership team gave NCR an opportunity to understand issues relating to its operations and plans to ensure better service for customers.

“Interaction such as this, is good for us because it allows us to better understand industry issues so that when we are reporting we do so from an informed standpoint. That’s one of the major reasons why we called on you.”

He also urged players in the telecommunications and financial services industry to continuously tighten their procedures and systems to help eliminate the growing incidence of cyber crime in the country. He pledged the commitment of the network to play its advocacy role to ensure that the sector contributed its quota in a much bigger way towards the development of the economy.

Source: AirtelTigo

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